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Tarot Poetry
by Michael Gerald Sheehan

I Am The Power

I am the power that controls my destiny.
I am the power that brings the things life brings to me.
If I find somebody to blame
I deny my power to change
They could take the blame, but I'd remain the same.

I am the power that gave my life to me.
I alone create my own reality.
With the partners I've chosen to dance
I've played the victim of circumstance,
But in my heart I know I wrote the whole romance.

I am the power that opens every door.
I alone know why I held it closed before.
When I learn what I've chosen to learn
I can turn any lock that won't turn
And go free to be the me I've learned to be.

I am the power.
I am the power.
I am the power.

VIII - Strength


We can purify our intentions, contact our intuition, believe in our creativity, develop our skills, study with the masters, grow in relationships and commit to a partner, but still be blocked if we have no courage to face our fears. Once we realize we are the source empowering all our experiences, we are pushed to challenge what was once thought to have power over us. The lesson of Strength is, trusting in the power of good, walk right up to the thing you fear and get over it.

Keyword: Courage

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