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Tarot Poetry
by Michael Gerald Sheehan

Lullaby Of Death

When your mind is so confused
Your troubled heart can't rest,
Close your eyes and listen to
The ocean in your breath.
Leave behind the world you know,
The bitter and the best:
Sing a little lullaby
And die a little death.

Don't misunderstand the thought
I'm trying to express
Life is for the living,
But the key to life's success
Is letting go of everything
That makes the living less:
Sing a little lullaby
And die a little death.

Albert Einstein, I've been told,
Said energy can't be destroyed
And life is everywhere in space -
On the planets and in the void.

Sitting in my garden
With a friendly butterfly.
Soon, she knows, the color
Of her wings will fade and die.
While she lives the joy she is,
She lives without regrets:
Sings her little lullaby
And dies a little death.

XIII - Death


Life is growth; growth is change - but change means letting go of the familiar. Becoming something new, becoming someone happier, means no longer being the person we are now. Opening up to life means letting down our defenses; being our true selves means giving up our pretenses. The lesson of Death is that in order to go where we want to go we have to let go of where we are.

Keyword: Transformation

* * *