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Tarot Poetry
by Michael Gerald Sheehan

Everyone Can Find Romance

I was sitting in the dark
On a lonely stretch of sand,
Waiting for the woman of my dreams
To come out of the ocean.
There were clouds of despair
On the horizon.

It was colder than I remembered,
The wind was getting stronger
And waiting for the woman of my dreams
Seemed like a useless thing to do -
Suddenly she was there,
Standing in the water.

I could see the love in her eyes
Her high-boned cheeks were smiling.
I could hear what she was thinking
Like she spoke inside my head:
"You must ask the King Of The Sea
For the hand of his daughter."

She was gone before I knew it,
So I dove into the water,
Searching for her kingdom
Like a city beneath the sea:
But the only thing I could find
Was a drowning flower.

I took it to my cabin,
Bought a little pot to plant it,
Put it in the sunlight
And I watered it every day:
And as the flower grew,
I stopped all my wandering.

She came knocking at my door
In the middle of the night.
Her car had broken down
And there was no other house in sight.
I asked her to come in
And dry off by the fire.

XIV - Temperance


Cooperation with a partner can only take us so far. At some point our cooperation must be upgraded to become an irrevocable commitment. A committed relationship can deepen in ways that a cooperative partnership cannot. The lesson of Temperance is that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts," and that in order to become whole we must accept with equanimity whatever experiences the process of re-integration requires.

No more sitting in the dark
On a lonely stretch of sand;
No more waiting for the woman of my dreams
To come out of the ocean;
No more clouds of despair
On the horizon:

We're in love when we're together;
We're in love when we're apart;
We've each got a mind of our own,

But we've only got one heart:
If there's more to life than this,
I just can't imagine.

So don't give up your dreams
If you're sitting in the darkness:
True love can find you
If you'd only give it half a chance.
Don't settle for illusions -
Everyone can find romance.

Keyword: Commitment

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