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Tarot Poetry
by Michael Gerald Sheehan

I Shine On Every One

I rise above my body.
I see me standing there.
I go about my business
Watching from up there.

I rise above my city.
I see it in my mind:
The beauty and the business.
I leave it all behind.

I rise above the ocean.
I'm floying into space.
Above the moonlit mountains
I leave the human race.

The earth is far below me.
I am the fiery sun:
The power and the glory.
I shine on every one -
I shine on every one.

I come back to my body
Still shining like the sun
I smile at everybody
I shine on every one.

XIX - The Sun


We are all spiritual babies learning to walk, spiritual flower buds opening up to reveal our inner beauty. We need feel no shame over our missteps, or embarassment over revealing our true nature. The lesson of the Sun is to love ourselves by being ourselves without hesitation, judgement or apology.

Keyword: Freedom

* * *