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Tarot Poetry
by Michael Gerald Sheehan


I search the wilderness of space
For worlds my people may embrace.
From star to alien star I wander,
Knowing not what I may learn:
Have they planets like my home?
Are they frozen stone - or do they still burn?

Ten thousand planetfalls ago
I watched my world descend below:
A bluish orb, forever shrinking,
Taking with it all I knew.
Searching through the years I've lived,
What I wouldn't give again to see that blue.

"We the people of this planet
Find you guilty of breathing our air."
What can you mean my friends?
How can I make amends:
I've never been here before.

"Well, first you landed without a permit;
No passage papers - you're stealing our life's breath.
We have none to spare."
How can you be such fools?
How could I know your rules:
I've never been here before.

One day I'll touch down in a land
With creatures similar to man.
Will they find me quite repulsive
Or will they accept my hand?
Will they make me right at home:
Or will they fear and kill what they don't understand?

XII - The Hanged Man


We study higher belief systems, not to parrot them back or to make them our habit, but to awaken the living origin of all belief systems within us. Once that is accomplished,and we begin to act on our own authority, those who follow the group mind may misunderstand and even persecute us. The lesson of the Hanged Man is to believe in ourselves even when we are surrounded by opposition, and to act on our beliefs rather than sacrifice our authenticity to the prevailing wisdom.

Keyword: Confidence

* * *