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Tarot Poetry
by Michael Gerald Sheehan

Turn To Face The Sun

Welcome to my garden little seed:
I’ll give you everything a sunflower needs.
These walls will provide
Protection from the tide
Engulfing those outside
Still swimming in their pride.
I guarantee we’ll have a lot of fun
If you will always turn to face the sun.

There’s more to life than one man ever sees
Until he meets a keeper of the keys:
The holder of a line
That’s aged like vintage wine,
A blossom on the vine,
Whose fruit will be your sign
The soil in which they’re planted gets it done
If you will always turn to face the sun.

You’ll never hear me asking you to leave.
You can stay as long as you believe
We reap what we sow
The ecstasy and woe –
But someday you will know
The time has come to go:
The time has come for you to be the one
Because you always turn to face the sun.

V - The Hierophant


Self-discipline may open new channels of creative expression, but relying on what we can discover alone, in a single lifetime, can limit what flows through those channels. There are those ahead of us who have learned the wisdom of the ages. The lesson of the Hierophant is that what cannot be acquired alone in one lifetime must be handed down as a body of accumulated wisdom from one generation to the next.

Keyword: Cultivation

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