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Tarot Poetry
by Michael Gerald Sheehan

Time Of The End

There comes a time in your life
When you look at where you're gone
And the child within you wonders what went wrong:
All your dreams have turned to dust,
You hear strangers in your mind,
And the days go by like friends you left behind -
But when all is said and done
You're not the only one
And you realize that life has just begun.

First you're sorry, then you're mad,
Then you're screaming out, "why me?" -
But you finally see that's how it's got to be:
You were born and bred to run
When you hear the starting gun,
Never looking back, eyes fixed on the track -
'Til you can't keep up the pace.
No one ever wins the race,
But the time has given you a human face.

Don't complain you had no choice -
Until now, you had no voice
And if you knew how hard it was you'd say, "I can't,"
And it's the only way I know
For a baby soul to grow:
You've got to hoe the row before you plant.

If you need me in the night,
I am there before you call.
If you stumble, I am there before you fall.
If you trust in only me,
I will give you light to see
And the proof is in the truth that sets you free:
'Cause you should be full of joy,
Not an angry drunkard's toy
Or a narrow-minded preacher's whipping boy.

XX - Judgement


From early childhood we've been told not to express certain thoughts, feelings and ideals. Every part of us that was judged to be dangerous or inappropriate has been buried in the subconscious. The lesson of Judgement is that for our own health and well-being these self-judgements must be released.

There was a world without a sun,
So I thought I'd give'em one
With a light so bright, you could see life as it was - but they buried him in a book
And made everybody look 'til it ruled their minds,
'Cause that's what darkness does:
And they live like walking graves
Feeding on their human slaves
By pretending it's through them that Jesus saves.

Now's the time to make your choice
All the good sheep know my voice
I don't argue, threaten, blame or rave and rant.
Don't deny you understand
The kingdom is at hand:
The demons swear they'll kill you, but they can't.

Keyword: Acceptance

* * *