What Is The Moon Path?

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Living things grow from within. We are here to discover and express the potentials we were born with, to experience and enjoy our true desires.

Too often we build a life that keeps us safe but makes us unhappy. Living things must grow, they cannot be built.

Sometimes contrary to our surface thought, the moon path is the unfoldment of our deepest inner urging.


If we make a plan to get ahead, and slavishly follow the rules of that plan, we stifle the inner wildness that is the source of life and creativity. On the other hand, if we consistently rebel against the rules, we never develop the potentials inherent in our wildness.

The moon path is a path of conscious choice in the moment. It lies between the habit of discipline and the habit of rebellion.

Inner Listening

Inner direction doesn't come in words. It comes in feelings. The feeling of joy is our truest guide.

This guidance is always available if we take the time to listen. The idea that brings us the greatest joy is the path of the moon.

Rain forest

Nature is both wild and orderly.

*   *   *