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Psychic Readings with Michael Sheehan
Tarot Readings

You will get answers to your questions:

      *How can I have what I want?


           *What is holding me back?


                *What am I not seeing?


                     *How can I improve the situation?


                          *Is this the right decision?


* * *


It's what we don't see, what we don't know - and what we don't realize - that leaves us uncertain about the way life is unfolding and what we should do about it. Consulting the Tarot is like talking with a wise old friend who has a bird's eye view of the situation. You get a fresh perspective, a sense of relief, and everything becomes clear.


It's just like when you can't solve a riddle, then someone tells you the answer. After all that frustrated effort, you see the answer immediately without any effort. The difficulty was that you were approaching the problem from the same point of view over and over, and getting nowhere. When you hear the answer to the riddle, you suddenly see the problem from a different point of view and the answer is obvious.


For life's riddles, the Tarot gives us that different point of view.


Of course, we are not always unclear, stuck or muddled. Sometimes we know exactly what we're doing - but we want to check in with Spirit just to be sure we haven't missed anything. Sometimes it helps to get a reality check with someone who is not invested in the outcome of our decisions, someone knowledgeable who has only our happiness and spiritual growth at heart.

An effortless change of perspective reveals the answer that was there all along.

* * *


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Michael Says:


"I have 25 years experience reading Tarot cards. All my readings are positive. I've learned that every situation is a teaching that points us toward greater happiness. The only requirement is a willingness to accept love, release fear, honor our feelings and be true to ourselves."


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