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Energy Clearing & Chakra Tune-Up



Remove...  *Obstructions and blockages                        

                      *Negative cords and attachments.

                           *Energy parasites


Release...   *Residual past life trauma.

                       *Damage to the energy body after

                                    injury or surgery.


Enjoy.....    *Restored vitality

                       *A feeling of greater integration

                           *A more conscious connection

                                        to the divine.


 * * *


 The bio-field is the invisible energy that flows through and around your body. Any disturbance, blockage or leak in your energy system can manifest as a health problem, relationship difficulty or money trouble.


A bio-field energy clearing can release unhealthy cords that drain your energy, remove the residual effects of past traumas that block your progress and clear away various energy-parasites that can lodge in one’s system.


It is especially helpful to have damaged or misaligned energy streams repaired after a physical injury.


We shower or bathe and wash our face every day. We clean the outside of our body, but too often we forget that our inner energy system needs attention, too. Chakras can get dirty, blocked, out of balance, misaligned, and disconnected.
Includes aura cleanse and energy renewal.

Chakras are the organs of your energy body.

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Michael Says:
"You give your car a tune-up, why not your body? A regular energy clearing and chakra tune-up is good maintenance of your physical vehicle."
* * *

*   *   *