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Psychic Readings with Michael Sheehan

* Tarot Readings: Moon Path Tarot readings clarify your current situation, so you can make better-informed choices. You will learn what the deeper issue is, what tends to block your progress and how to move forward. Find the solutions to difficult problems.
Spiritual Consultation: Bringing his deep understanding of metaphysics to your particular situation, Michael explains how you can better cooperate with the laws of manifestation to create greater happiness.
* Energy Clearing & Chakra Tune-Up: Michael's distance energy work can help release any disturbance, blockage or leak in your body's energy system. These are often at the root of health problems, relationship difficulties and money trouble. A perfect compliment to either a Tarot Reading or Spiritual Consultation.

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Michael is a true metaphysician whose deep understanding of the connections between our thoughts and our experiences can guide you in any situation. Michael effectively addresses your specific issues while removing blockages from your energy field. With the light he shines on the present, you can make better-informed choices that create a more positive future. Michael's broad education and experience include shamanism, mysticism, metaphysics, eastern and western philosophy, world religions, astrology, numerology and 25 years of reading Tarot cards.

Client Reviews
"Michael, I am amazed at the accuracy and profound relevance of your readings.  It's as if my heart were opened and it's deepest currents revealed to the light.  Your understanding of the subtle symbolism and nuances of the cards is astounding.  I am convinced that the "Wisdom of the Cards" is in the sensitive rendering of their truth by a dedicated master, and you are that!"
~R.W., Software Engineer

"Is it possible that I could go from anxiety and sadness to almost euphoric? After talking with you and beginning to see things in a different light, I feel so completely different...without fear and worry. How strange it is that such a feeling could be so easily put to rest. I hope this feeling continues because it is one of peace and happiness." ~J.O., nurse.
"Thanks for all you have done for me. You will never know how far I have come in the short time you have helped me to see things clearer." ~A.H., rancher.
"That was the best value I've gotten for any money I've ever spent!" ~N.H., accountant.
"Your readings are amazing! You are truly a master of tarot." ~L.F., therapist.
"Everything you said was completely accurate." ~Rev. L. B., minister.
"My mother and sister were thrilled with the readings I arranged for you to give them on my mother's birthday." ~R.G., broker.


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