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Psychic Readings with Michael Sheehan
What's In A Tarot Reading?

What our tarot readings include:

* The key point to focus on.

* The atmosphere around you.

* The obstacle that may tend to block your progress.

* Your expectation for the future.

* The root of your current situation.

* The influence of the recent past.

* Conditions in the near future.

* Your inner feeling.

* The influence or opinions of people around you.

* The unforeseen event that has arisen in the situation.

* The summary or underlying issue.



* * *

Masterful Interpretation


Michael connects the information given during your reading into a seamless whole. Every detail of each card is clearly explained. Then Michael weaves them together, showing how each card relates to the others - to form the big picture of your life in this moment. Drawing on twenty-five years of experience as a Tarot reader, studying and teaching the wisdom of Tarot, Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to every Tarot consultation.

How Should I Approach A Reading?
There are two approaches to a Tarot reading. You can ask a specific question, or you can ask for "the wisdom of the cards". The wisdom of the cards will give you what you most need to hear at the time of the reading. It usually answers all of your questions in the process and it is usually the best approach. You are still free to ask questions during and at the end of the reading.
The only time I recommend asking a specific question is if you are obsessing about it, the question is always on your mind and so it needs to be dealt with before your mind is clear enough to get anything else.
Before your reading begins, I will always ask you what you most want to get out of your reading.

*   *   *