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Psychic Readings with Michael Sheehan
Spiritual Consultation

You will get answers to your questions:



      *How can I increase my business?


           *What will improve my relationships?


                *Can the laws of metaphysics help me heal?


                     *How can I generate prosperity?


                          *Is this the right path for me?


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Business, health, finances and relationships develop according to metaphysical law. According to this law, the way we manage our own energy determines the amount of success we will have in achieving our goals. This law operates as dependably as the laws of gravity or electricity. To improve any area of our life, we need to improve the way we manage our own energy.


As a metaphysical consultant, Michael brings a lifetime of spiritual study and over twenty-five years of practice to illuminate your situation. Michael will help you to understand how your own energy has created your current situation and how you can better manage your energy to produce the results you want.


Michael teaches self-empowerment through complete accountability. The success of your business, your health and your relationships is completely up to you. Whatever your situation is, you created it exactly as it is - and that means you can choose to create it differently.

All things operate according to the metaphysical Law Of Attraction.

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Michael Says:
"If we consciously create what we want in the first place, we don't have to spend so much time and energy trying to fix what we created unconsciously."
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