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How Tarot Works

How do Tarot readings work?

Every human being generates a unique biomagnetic energy field. All human energy fields are interconnected. Tarot readers have developed the ability to feel the energetic connection between ourselves and any person who contacts us.

The tarot deck is a set of symbols which represent the basic elements common to all human energy fields. These symbols can be rearranged to reflect the client's particular pattern at the time of the reading.

The tarot reader attunes to the energy field of the client and shuffles the cards until they "feel" congruent with the client's energy. When the cards are spread they accurately reveal the client's current situation.


Each Tarot card depicts symbols with many meanings. The expert tarot reader is one who can feel the harmonies between the client's energy field and that of the Tarot cards, and between the cards themselves, in order to interpret the correct meaning of the symbols for the client at this time.
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We feel in waves of emotion, we live in an invisible sea of feelings.

The Moon Path Philosophy

A tarot reader's responsibility is to nurture the client's spiritual growth by providing insight and information that will best help the client reach his or her own decisions.

The present is the point of power. We consult the tarot, not to find out what will happen to us if we continue with "business as usual", but to see more clearly where we are now, how we got here and what changes we can make to get to where we would like to be.


The tarot is a sacred oracle. With it, we can shed light on the present, make better-informed choices and create the positive future we desire.

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