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Tarot-Scopes For February 2010

Aries: You’ve done good work, Aries, but it isn’t finished yet. You are still on the path you started last month, still needing to stay alert as the universe guides you to the fulfillment of your wish. You’ve got momentum going for you now, but more than ever it’s important for you to stay poised. Whatever happens, just ask yourself what the message is and learn from it. Keep your standards high and don’t settle for less than everything you want.

Taurus: There are good things coming to you, Taurus. Your future looks bright. If you can’t see that, maybe it’s because you’re facing in the opposite direction, toward the past. Certainly you must fully feel everything about the past, but then let it go, make peace with it. What’s done is done and it can’t be changed. Once you find closure you’ll be able to turn toward the future and embrace the good fortune headed your way. Periods of quiet contemplation will help you. Think about what’s truly important and find a way to exercise your creativity.

Gemini: If things haven’t worked out as you’d hoped in the past, don’t let that make you pessimistic about the future. A new opportunity is coming your way and it will be wonderful. You just have to believe in yourself, love yourself and trust that this new self-appreciation will raise your vibration enough to attract the right situation.

Cancer: As you move into a new stage of growth, Cancer, you leave behind the voices of the past that still try to discourage you and talk you out of it. You know that you can’t continue on as you have in the past – it’s worn you out and you need some serious recuperation time. You need to recharge your batteries on a fundamental level. Remember that your health is more important now than any other consideration.

Leo: This is a time of separating from connections that no longer serve your spiritual growth. Be open to the new and unexpected. The universe has heard your prayer and sent the answer, it’s just dressed up a little differently than you might have imagined!

Virgo: You know that you’ve come a long way, Virgo, but you’ve learned a lot more than you’re actually using. It’s time to practice what you preach. To do that, you’ve got to let go of something you’ve invested yourself in that hasn’t paid off. Cut your losses and move on. Everything you’ve invested will come back to you in another way once you’ve cleared the channels. You just have to be open in order to receive.

Libra: I know you like to look at both sides of a question, Libra, but now is not the time to hesitate. Let your need to move away from all sources of stress be the deciding factor. Trust that you do, indeed, know better than those around you what the best course of action is for you. You have more power to generate income than you’ve realized. Continue to study spiritual principles; they’ll come in handy.

Scorpio: This month is a Scorpio’s dream: intense pressure to rise to your highest potential, deep healing as events trigger the release of ancient subconscious blockages and an opportunity to free yourself from bondage once and for all.

Sagittarius: Are you giving too much? Are you taking too much? Are you controlling or being controlled? Are you unreliable or too reliable? Only you can answer these questions this month, but they need to be answered. Something is out of balance and you need to put it right.

Capricorn: Issues of abandonment finally come to a head. Will you let your childhood trauma forever prevent you from living a passionate, enthusiastic life? Go for the gusto. The truth is, no one ever did anything to you but volunteer to serve as a channel through which your own past life energies could affect you from a new perspective that would help you to see them and release them.

Aquarius: You’ve been a good student, Aquarius, but the end result of obeying your teachers turned out to be limiting. It’s not enough to get out of the situation; you’ve also got to jettison the beliefs that took you there in the first place. Love yourself now; be happy with your life. You don’t need anyone else’s approval, validation or support. You need a clear psychic space, where it’s impossible to have unwanted intrusions.

Pisces: It’s been a great ride, Pisces, and you’ve had some good success. The trouble is you’re reluctant to let go of things that are now blocking the next surge of growth. You’re leaving the level where a hands-on approach is called for and going to the level of using your spiritual power to reach your goals.

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