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Tarot-Scopes For January 2010

Aries: This month it’s especially important to pay attention to your intuition. Follow that hunch, trust that feeling! You’re on your way to realizing your dreams, so give it your best shot, then pay attention to the feedback you get. Don’t be discouraged by obstacles or opposition, especilly around the 19th, they are course corrections from the universe. Use them to perfect your aim and you'll be right on target!

Taurus: You’ve been on a long trip and you’ve survived many pitfalls. You’re ready for the next setback – but preparing for the worst is no longer the best strategy. The path is now clear, and a defensive attitude will only get in the way. Ask yourself if the methods you’ve been using have brought you what you want. Have they? If not, it’s time to do things in a new way. Open your arms to the future, go with the flow and take the appropriate risk!

Gemini: January is the month for you to take action. You’ve been vacillating for too long over an important decision. Cut your losses and move on. Holding on to the past and hoping your investment will somehow pay off is just blocking you from moving on to much greater happiness. Follow you heart and you will bloom!

Cancer: Most important for you this month is to let go of stressful situations and environments. Get away from the confusion of many voices that may have caused you to doubt your own clear knowing. New ideas for generating more income and getting more out of life are coming to you. A short trip would do you a world of good.

Leo: Time to recharge your batteries, Leo! Take some downtime so that you can come back ready to operate at 100%. Hang out with like-minded friends and avoid argumentative people. Many gifts are coming your way – all you have to do is be willing and open to receive. Let others show their love.

Virgo: Be ready to move in a new direction. A great opportunity comes knocking this month - be there to answer the door! This is a great time to have fun, to truly enjoy life, but balance that with regular periods of meditation. This allows you to broadcast a clear frequency and to be in the right place at the right time.

Libra: Whatever it is, Libra, you’ve learned how to do it very well. It’s just not going to be any more fulfilling than what you’ve already experienced. You need to let it go and move up to the next level. Concentrate on your own life, free of entanglements, for a while. Forget the “shoulds”, release control and let the mystery of life reveal itself to you.

Scorpio: I know you can wait forever, Scorpio, but this month it’s time to show us what you’re made of. Can you really be reborn out of your own ashes, like the Phoenix associated with your sign? Your dreams are manifesting in unexpected ways. If you’ve been waiting for a wake-up call, this is it! Bring all your strength and focus to bear and make your move!

Sagittarius: This month, start every day by looking in the mirror and say, “I love and approve of myself.” As you do, you will see more love and appreciation from others. A choice needs to be made and there’s no right or wrong involved: it’s what you prefer that counts. Think about what makes you feel alive, passionate and enthusiastic – and move in that direction. You don’t need anyone else’s approval.

Capricorn: It’s painful, for sure, but you need to finally let go of something or someone you’ve been attached to for some time. The key is to privately emote everything you feel about the current situation, then ask yourself when was the first time you had these feelings and move that energy out as well. Release the limiting thoughts you picked up in childhood and choose to stand in your power as master or mistress of your domain.

Aquarius: This month it’s about reclaiming parts of you that have been forgotten or neglected. Anything you’ve held in, refusing to express, needs to come out. Childhood dreams and desires can be resurrected. Move toward your joy even if it doesn’t seem possible. Release control and trust your feelings.

Pisces: This is the month when you realize you can indeed have it all. Don’t settle for anything less than exactly what you want! You are recognizing how much you’ve grown. Now walk the path with intention. Make conscious choices, fresh in the moment, rather than falling into habit or routine. Find the spontaneous balance between work and play.

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