It is important to consciously set one's intention before

beginning anything. It is especially important, in a group, to

clearly make known what we have come together to do. This way

we all know that we are in agreement and we know what it is we

have agreed to share together.

Many dance circles regularly begin with an invocation of the

Divine and an intention to move toward it. Our Tuesday Circle

starts with the premise that the Divine is already present,

speaking to us and flowing its energy to us through the center

of our being. We believe that the Dances Of Universal Peace

can help bring our awareness to that place inside each one of

us through which the universal wisdom and pure life energy constantly flows.

We begin each evening by inviting all participants to join us in

stating the following intention:

"There is a place of pure peace at the center of my being.

Resting there is the most powerful thing I can do

for myself and my loved ones;

for my community and my world.

For a while, I can release my concerns

and be fully present as I nourish my soul

and rest in my place of peace."