Find peace and healing... Feed your soul... Have more fun than you can imagine... Open your heart to love!

Please join us for an evening of singing and walking together in simple, easy-to-learn patterns. Together we form a living mandala of positive energy that promotes peace and healing in ourselves, our community and our world. We call these movements Dances Of Universal Peace.

We always have live musicians. Our songs are drawn from, and inspired by, the sacred phrases of many spiritual traditions. Our movements are simple walking steps as we all join hands in a circle.

Both the songs and movements are easily learned; taught in just a minute or two by a trained, experienced, certified teacher.

Together we create a context which makes it possible for people to temporarily lay down their personal burdens and feel the presence of the divine.

We hope to foster peace and strengthen connections in the local community by providing an opportunity for all to participate in a positive common activity.

We wish to promote mutual respect and understanding between Earth's peoples by honoring the various ways sincere seekers of all cultures have found to draw closer to the divine essence.