Michael Sheehan is an established leader of the Dances Of Universal

Peace, with more than twenty years experience as a dancer, musician

and leader. As Media Archivist for ONEness Project, Michael has edited, mastered, designed and produced a number of well-received dance CDs.

Michael is also a classically-trained pianist and composer. His beautiful

CD of original piano solos, Radiance,

is available online at cdbaby.

A life-long metaphysician, and

spiritual advisor for more than

twenty-five years, Michael is

available for consultations by appointment. For more information please visit his website.

Mu'mina found her spiritual home in the Dances Of Universal Peace in 1999, when she was struck by the depth and peace achieved in these "body prayers through movement". Mu'mina has been leading dances since 2004, becoming a certified leader of the Dances in 2007. Sharing the deep inner joy that the Dances induce is a passion for her. 

In addition to her 18-year career as an Occupational Therapy Assistant, working with young special needs children, Mu'mina offers families instruction in infant massage.

Mu'mina also tutors children as a Certified Handwriting Specialist in both printing and cursive writing.

See www.hwtears.com for more information.