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Tarot-Scopes For March 2010

Aries: The emphasis this month, Aries, is on you. Make yourself a priority. Get your own needs met and only give out of your overflow - never deplete yourself to please others. Explore opportunities for spiritual growth and let innocent love find you. Watch for spiritual guidance and be willing to trust it, even if that means taking a risk.

Taurus: There is a lot going on this month, Taurus, but it's mostly inner transformation. You need adequate rest, so get away from tense situations as much as possible. The same thinking that got you into a difficult and draining situation is also keeping you there - trust your feelings to guide you out of it.

Gemini: You've set the wheels in motion, Gemini. You have asked and the universe is answering. It's up to you to let go of a lost cause and trust that whatever is leaving your life is actually making room for something better - it must be, because you are getting what you asked for.

Cancer: Success! Freedom! Recognition! Own it! Be it! Grasp your enthusiasm! Follow your joy! Accept yourself! Appreciate yourself! Let go forever and completely of everything that has held you down.

Leo: This could be the best month you've ever experienced, Leo, so long as you are completely forthright and direct. Instead of letting past disappointments make you pessimistic about future possibilities, be optimistic in the knowledge that you needed to miss those prior opportunities in order to discover the present one and be ready for it.

Virgo: Ideal relationship anyone? The other signs might be envious of what's in store for you this month, Virgo. However, nothing is set in stone. You have to do your part - and your part is. first, to let go of everything you don't want; second, to choose what helps you to blossom.

Libra: A new opportunity is coming your way, Libra, but you have to be flexible and surrender to the way it unfolds. Trying to control it will only chase it away. However, you do need to commit to a steady application of effort in order to realize your dreams.

Scorpio: The paradigm shift has happened for you, Scorpio. Too bad there's no one you can share it with. They're all stuck in the old paradigm. Enjoy your little secret for now -- it won't be yours alone for long. Pay attention as the realization unfolds around you.

Sagittarius: Nothing is more important this month, Sagittarius, than your freedom. Ironically, the only way you can get this freedom is by surrendering - surrendering to your emotions. How do you really feel in the basement of the dungeon in the cavern beneath the foundations of your ivory tower?

Capricorn: This month is about going with the flow, Capricorn. Lighten up. Stop worrying. Be open to what life is offering you. Accept your royal heritage and let others do for you for a change. 

Aquarius: Let's be absolutely clear about one thing, Aquarius: your true heart's desire. This is the month to identify it and go for it with all your might. Avoid distractions. It may be painful, but you need to separate yourself from everything that is not exactly what you want.

Pisces: You can see the possibilities, Pisces, but you may be analyzing yourself into a kind of paralysis. Too much thinking only gets in the way now. The signs are there - you just need to trust them and follow them. What you want wants you, and it is trying to guide you to itself. You can't get there on your own.

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