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If you're  looking for a Tarot Reading, Chakra/Energy Cleanse And Restoration, or Spiritual Consultation please click on the Metaphysician link. You'll also find classes I teach, my Tarot reader certification program, song-poems for each of the major Tarot cards and a Tarot tutorial.

The Musician page has information about the house concerts I offer, freelance CD production (including music editing, mastering and graphic design), music lessons (voice, guitar, piano, theory and composition) and my CDs for sale.

I also provide various groups, meetings, seminars and retreats with the uplifting bonding experience of the Dances Of Universal Peace. Learn more by clicking on the Dance Leader page.




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I was born in Rochester, New York. At age five my family moved to a rural area outside of town, where I attended a two-room Catholic school next to a bull pasture.

We moved to Orange County, California when I was twelve. I attended California State University, Fullerton, and earned two degrees: Philosophy and Music Composition.

I did my graduate work at UC Santa Barbara, then a few years of independent study.

At age 30, I gave away everything I owned and set off walking, trusting in my spiritual guidance, for the next ten years.

During this time I received many initiations, worked with elders and teachers of various traditions, learned astrology and numerology - and mastered the secrets of Tarot.


Metaphysics, music and dance are all concerned with feeling, understanding and working with vibration. We are vibrating beings, living in an ocean of vibrations. Like the colors of the rainbow, our bodies, hearts, minds and spirits vibrate at different frequencies.

The molecules in our bodies are vibrating. Our cells are pulsing with life. When we dance or exercise in rhythm, we restore harmony and flow to our physical bodies. When we play, sing or listen to music the harmonies penetrate deeper, into our emotional and mental bodies. When we act from the stillness of spirit at the core of our beings we harmonize on the soul level.

Ease is a harmonious flowing together of vibrations. Disease is a lack of vibrational harmony. All disease on the physical level is a symptom of a lack of harmony at higher vibrational frequencies. Healing occurs when vibrational balance is restored.


Home Metaphysician Musician Dance Leader

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