Tarot Readings: I use Tarot cards to uncover the hidden parts of yourself that are affecting your life, and reveal how best to work with them to improve your situation.

Chakra/Energy Cleanse And Restoration: I clear your bio-field of residue, stress, trauma, unhealthy cords and attachments, parasites and pattern misalignments.

Spiritual Consultation: We dialogue about your life. The more you say, the more I can identify the blind spots and false thinking that block your path to greater happiness - and help you release the blockage.




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"Michael, I am amazed at the accuracy and profound relevance of your readings. It's as if my hart were opened and it's deepest currents revealed to the light. Your understanding of the subtle symbolism and nuances of the cards is astounding. I am convinced that the "wisdom of the cards" is in the sensitive rendering of their truth by a dedicated master, and you are that!" ~ R.W., Software Engineer

"Is it possible that I could go from anxiety and sadness to almost euphoric? After talking with you and beginning to see things in a different light, I feel so completely different...without fear and worry. How strange it is that such a feeling could be so easily put to rest. I hope this feeling
continues because it is one of peace and happiness." ~ J.O., Nurse

"My mother and sister were thrilled with the readings I arranged for you to give them on my mother's birthday" ~ R.G., Broker

Tarot Classes & Certification

Tarot Poetry & Tutorial


The turning point for me was when I gave away my possessions, released my agendas and trusted solely in Spirit for guidance and support.

Up to that point I'd been using my intellect in patriarchal schools, trying to figure out the truth. Now I was using my intuition, making myself available, asking to be shown the truth.

I had stopped allowing my mind to dominate my heart. This is the seldom recognized front line in the battle for women's liberation. It is the inner man in all of us who must no longer be allowed to dominate the inner woman.

I learned that wisdom, health and happiness come from the balance of masculine and feminine, mind and heart, intellect and intuition.

We have a self-correcting guidance system: two modes of processing information which, when both are honored, keep us on a balanced path.



Metaphysics is the study and mastery of the non-physical forces that influence our lives. This is empowering because it reveals the cause of all we experience: our own consciousness. If this sounds radical, remember that in the Bible we are told,

"As a man thinks, so is he."
"Be it done to you according to your faith"
"Unto you is given dominion over all things under heaven"
"All that I have done you may do also."

A Metaphysician can help you understand the experiences you're having and teach you how to change them to your liking.