Moon Path Tarot

Professional readings by Michael Sheehan

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Tarot Readings

A fresh perspective on your current situation shows the underlying issues, what's blocking you and how to move forward.

Psychic Readings

Messages from your spirit guides. Clairaudient responses to your spiritual questions.

Chakra Tune-ups

Chakras can get dirty, clogged, unbalanced and shut down. A regular cleansing and tune-up is good maintenance. It's just as important for your body, your spirit's physical vehicle, as a tune-up is for your car, your body's physical vehicle.

Bio-Field Energy Clearing

The bio-field is the invisible energy that flows through and around your body. There are several ways this energy can be weakened. Many people have cords connecting to them from other people in an unhealthy way, controlling and draining their energy. Some people have what appear to be swords or knives stuck in their bio-field; some people have long pins or needles stuck in them.

I have found some clients with what appear to be heavy belts tightened around their bio-field in the vicinity of one or more chakras. Still others have energy-parasites lodged in their system.

A bio-field clearing removes these energy drains, renewing your vitality

* Telephone consultations by appointment, $45/half hour. Major credit cards accepted. To schedule an appointment call (360) 221-8832


Michael says: "I have twenty years experience reading tarot cards. All my readings are positive. I've learned that every situation is a teaching that points toward greater happiness. The only requirement is a willingness to accept love, release fear, honor our feelings and be true to ourselves."

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Client Reviews

"That was the best value I've gotten for any money I've ever spent!" ~N. H., accountant, Seattle, WA

"Your readings are amazing! You are truly a master of tarot." ~L. F., therapist, Langley, WA

"Everything you said was completely accurate."
~Rev. L. B., minister, Freeland, WA

* Moon Path Tarot is located on beautiful Whidbey Island in the state of Washington. In-person consultations are also available by appointment at Stargazer's in Bellevue, WA (425-885-7289) or at Phoenix Rising in Port Townsend, WA (360-385-4464).

* Michael's Tarot Classes are taught at Bellevue Community College. See class schedule or call (425-564-2263).

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