Moon Path Tarot

Readings by Michael Sheehan

How Tarot Can Help You | How Tarot Works | Readings | Tarot Poetry | What Is The Moon Path?

Moon Path Tarot readings clarify your current situation, so you can make more informed choices.You will learn what the deeper issue is, what tends to block your progress and how to move forward.

A complete tutorial of the major arcana, with keywords for each card, is included in the Tarot Poetry section. The Tarot poems are being recorded as songs. Some are now available for free download here.

The Moon Path philosophy and comments on the positive nature of tarot accompany an explanation of How Tarot Works.

Client Reviews

"That was the best value I've gotten for any money I've ever spent!" --N.H., accountant

"Your readings are amazing! You are truly a master of tarot." --L.F., movement therapist

"Everything you said was completely accurate."
--L.B., minister

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